Denton Wednesday

Hot Roddy

Denton Wednesday co-manager David Wilson has been speaking about the FPL campaign so far….

.From your own teams point of view how do you assess the six months of fixtures we’ve played so far?
“It has been a brilliant experience. We struggled a lot in the first month . Some we had to change due to their commitments players but with the players who came in we’ve seen some great football from all the team.”

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    What do you see are the merits of three touch walking football. Does this format suit your players?
    “The way the players have adjusted to is a credit to them. Some had not played three touch before.”
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    In terms of facilities how do you rate those at Curzon Ashton F.C. and are there any small improvements you’d like to see if we run the league again in the future?
    “Facilities at Curzon are fantastic, best pitches we’ve played on.”
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How do you think any future league could be improved? For instance has the seven month format, with seven teams playing each other four times been the best way to go shape the league?
“Some teams play three games , some team four in any given month. If there were more teams we could all play four times each month but three games is no problem at all.”

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    Has the fair play points system made the way your team approaches each game any different. Have you been surprised that so few fair play points have been deducted over the seven months?
    “The way the fair play point system works out it is very fair, and you can see that when you look at the table. A very fair system all round.”
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Do you check the FPL website for news of results and league positions? Is there anything there that might be improved ?
“Yes, I do. It’s interesting how teams have developed since the start.”

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    Was the check in procedure satisfactory, with self identification camera just the once sufficient ?
    “Satisfactory, Camera check in not a problem at all.”
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    Was the way our group approached the team selection the right way to do things – for our group? We drew names from mixed ability pots. Maybe we could have entered a stronger team to try to win the league title? What’s your view on this ?

  • “It was fair for everybody. My co-manager Brian Stafford and I both agree on this. “
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Is the FPL tangibly ‘different’ to other competitions you have played in. Not better, BUT DIFFERENT? and is there any difference you can put your finger on?
” I think the FPL is different to other competitions I’ve played in. There’s been less physical contact . The Ref’s are spot on and you can see that every team is enjoying it. After the games we all come together and there’s lots of banter with the chips in gravy !”

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    11.Thinking beyond ability here, how has the competitive attitude of opposition players compared with those from our own group. Similar, or w-i-d-e-l-y different?
    All teams are similar . All friendly.

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Finally were you happy with the Manchester County F.A. rules or do you think we should harmonise with F.A. laws of the game, or even the Greater Manchester Heywood League for the sake of standardisation, and to assist Referees?
“I am happy with Manchester F.A. rules. Unless others wish to change them if you carry on with another season, I would stay with the same set of rules”