Monthly preview

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We can only hope the October fixtures bring similar enjoyment to that we all seemed to experience last month.

With Burnley Comm.WF not kicking off untill 11-00 am. the first three fixtures throw up intriguing games between the other competing teams.

A clash of the Nash – with Amblers facing Bees, who top the table at the moment.

Vintage Celtic meet Tameside Striders in a re-run of the 2017 People’s Cup group game that ended in a 2-2 draw. The teams have met a couple of times since with Celtic just having the edge.

Denton Wednesday take on the fancied Bolton Arena. Both teams lost fair play points last time out and will be keen not to repeat such a deduction. Mark Bradshaw Referees this one.


Burnley Comm.W.F.kick off with a game against Tameside STriders. These teams last met in February at Turf Moor when Striders romped home in a friendly fixture. The personnel is very different in the FPL and a tighter game is expected on Pitch 2.

Nash Amblers meet regular rivals Vintage Celtic at eleven am. Renewing an acquaintance cemented at Heywood where honours were about even over three seasons in the G.M.W.F.

Other notable games see Bolton Arena face the Nash Amblers on Pitch 2. The arena team have four games this month, finishing with a match v. Vintage Celtic on pitch two at noon.

Three game Amblers meet three game Burnley Comm.WF at mid-day on Pitch One. A re-run of last months game on the same pitch when a Grimbaldeston goal saw the Amblers clinch three valuable match won points.

All players are asked to think carefully, and don’t squander your hard earned successes by losing fair play points. The threshold for awarding Referee’s single FP point award means it will have to an exemplary performance to get one. Worth holding back from a mis-timed or late challenge and restraining yourself when tempted to run. Our Ref’s can spot a runner a mile off most of the time ! If they don’t their assistants might.

Last month we had just the one blue card for three individual runs, but that cost the players team three fair play points.

Turn up in a semi-competitive spirit and we should all have another interesting and enjoyable day. See you Wednesday…