Monthly reports

February 2020 report….

First of all take a bow Keith Yardley, Garry Pearce and Denis Cudahy for arriving early to help Mark Bradshaw and myself set up the pitches.  Tremendous commitment  – thank you.

With sustained rain a distinct possibility we actually escaped a prolonged soaking & Nash Amblers with the later start didn’t even get their feet wet !

  • – –
    Nash Bees and  Vintage Celtic played out the days first goalless draw on Pitch One. Garry Pearce and David Wilson the officiating twosome.
    Stateside went down to Burnley Clarets one nil on Pitch Two, Alan Richards and Tony Cravagan in charge of events and on Peter Quinn’s Pitch Three where he was assisted by Darren Sullivan, Bolton Arena bagged three goals without reply. Tameside Striders facing their  toughest test of the day here with  something of a new look team. Both teams impressed the Referee with their conduct in this one and were rewarded.
  • The eleven o’clock starts saw Stateside inflict defeat on the late starters Nash Amblers. Something of a surprise for the home team.
  • Graham Oakley – buzzing with the Bees for the first time

    Nash Bees and Tameside Striders met on pitch two where both teams approached the game in the right way and benefitted points wise. Bees won it by the odd goal.
    Vintage Celtic  claimed an excellent win over Burnley Clarets on pitch three and picked up  a fourth point from the fixture for their fair play.
    Sunshine,  which actually  carried a little warmth with it had taken over by half past eleven.

  • – – – –
    Burnley Clarets and Bolton Arena competed admirably in what Referee Garry Pearce  as a  ‘wonderful game of walking football’ awarding both teams an extra point. Arena won the game by two goals to nil.
    Vintage Celtic continued their good day by scoring twice in the first half against Stateside Arena.  The second of the goals was an excellent ‘daisy cutter’ from Derek Drabble. Some good walking on view from the Celtic side, especially Mick Adams a quick player by nature but curbing his zeal to get to the ball very well today. Credit where it is due. Stateside thought they had pulled a goal back but the ball had not crossed the line.  However they managed that later in some style when  a thumping drive from their Captain evaded Mike Kieran. Two one it finished.
    Tameside Striders were up against Nash Amblers on Pitch three. Again a good spirit abroad here between teams who know each other quite well. Referee Quinn acknowledging a sporting contest.
  • New man Chris – Stateside
  • – – – –
    At high noon Vintage Celtic went the whole day unbeaten as they were held by Tameside Striders.  A good result for Striders given the way Celtic had been playing this day.
    The clash of the Nash was significant because the Bees registered their first win against stablemates Amblers. With an element of fortune in both of their deflected goals Bees nevertheless deserved the win as they were on top for most of the game, especially in the first half.  This was Referee Tony Cravagan’s competitive debut as a Referee and he attracted some praise at the end from Amblers player/Manager John Smith.
    Bolton Arena capped off their third straight win , edging past Stateside by the odd goal.
  • – – – –
    Terry Hayden – Tameside Striders debutant

    We had some debutants today on the three pitches it’s to be hoped they enjoyed the experience This is a walking football league so expect running to be penalised without advance warnings. One offence might suggest to players the standard they need to attain to avoid crossing the line again. Dissent, sarcasm and insults directed at Referees will always attract action, either in deductions of FP points or in them not being awarded. The ethos of this league makes such action regrettable, but essential.  Highly competitive players need to adjust their approach  a little when they play in this league.  Furthermore
    anyone who thinks Refereeing is easy should take advantage of one of several courses in the area and try it for themselves.

  • Bonhomie from the Burnley Clarets management team
  • – – – –
    Another packed Snack Bar so thanks to Pat who dished out the chips and teas  etc. To Keith Yardley and David Partington for the buttered barms.
    The fixtures ran to time supremely well once again.
    The league table will appear very soon.
    Few photographs and no video today – (only one pair of hands).
    Thanks to all Referees, Assistants and not least to Mark Bradshaw and Curzon Ashton F.C.
    Next games March 25th.  Fixtures published the week after next.
  • Alan Richards.
  • ______________________

<photo album on Flickr >The resumption got underway on time and with almost everybody where they should be.
We had a late withdrawal from one of our new Referee’s but thanks to volunteer assistant Alan Brodie – unable to ‘amble’ with his team today –  offering his services and Peter Quinn agreeing to officiate all four games on pitch three, it meant we could capture some action on film and photo. A big part of what makes us unique.

Every single team in the ten-thirty fixtures was awarded a fair play point – the first time that’s happened. The ethos had clearly weathered well during the Christmas and new year hiatus. So far so good.  Just one goal scored in those opening games. Clarets on target as they put Tameside Striders to the sword in the fairest possible way. Another goalless draw in the Bees v. Arena fixture and an improving Celtic side held Nash Amblers on pitch three.

Stateside started late and took a point from their opener with Tameside Striders with neither team finding the net.  Bolton Arena stuck four in the Amblers net who- by  a remarkable stroke of luck – had a brand new goalkeeper in the form of Mike O’Brien.  Regular Denis Cudahy has messaged in to say he was stuck in non moving traffic.  Mike was an able deputy, and was in no way to blame for this heavy defeat. (Mike if you are reading this please email your contact details to

Bees put one over on Clarets to grab an ‘away’ win on pitch three
With Striders having a rest break the eleven-thirty games saw Amblers and Clarets locked in  a stalemate on Garry Pearce’s pitch one. Some rancour and a heavy contact from the Amblers ranks cost them  a fair play point in this one.  Vintage Celtic kept a clean sheet against Bolton Arena – no mean feat in the truest sense of the the phrase and emerged with a point after another nil-niller. Stateside Arena notched up  their third win of the season against Nash Bees on Peter Quinn’s pitch.

The sun was shining now and I swear there was a little warmth in, Spring is not far away.

By the  time the final round of games were played Nash Amblers were headed for the snack bar to mull over their mixed morning(sorry no team photo today guys we’ll get you next time).
Nash Bees, with player/manager Gordon Nixon limping and feeling an injury werethrashed four nil by Vintage Celtic.  Gordon yielded to the pain eventually and came off the filed.  Sportingly replaced by  a Celtic squad player. This is in keeping with our fair play ethos and there is no issues regarding sign on’s and registration rules.  We all muck in when required and if the roles were reversed Bees would have done the same. Celtic were awarded a fair play point after this one as they conducted themselves very well, according to the Referee.
Stateside held the Clarets to  a goalless draw on Alan Graham’s pitch two, where the most energetic assistant of all – Tony Cravagan of Marple – was doing valuable work on the touchline. Bolton Arena ended their morning with  a three nil pounding of Tameside Striders, after  veteran goalkeeper David Partington commented on  the  prowess of one Andy Clarke and the other attacking  Arena players who continue to put lots of points on the board.   The defence is not too shabby either – they have conceded one goal in fourteen games ! Are they simply too good for this league ?

Certainly the season now looks like a race for second place.  Three teams are now vying for the Ken Richards ‘fair play cup’ with Arena on 107, Celtic on 106 and Clarets on 105.  The others all  have some catching up to do.
Thanks to Referees and assistants today Messrs: Pearce, Graham, Quinn, Cravagan, Sullivan and Brodie.

Thanks also to Mark Bradshaw for his valuable assistance and presence  on the pitches throughout the morning.
Next round of fixtures – February 26th. 77 photo’s at the link below.


A tenth dry session for the F.P.L. as the leaden sky above  didn’t deliver any rain. Remarkable. 10/10 !
The upshot of that was there was plenty of filming and the results will emerge over the next two or three weeks to keep  us going over the winter break. We re-convene on January 29th.
There seemed to be some  evidence of rancour on some of the pitches. Players disputing decisions and verbally squabbling with some of our Referees. That will get teams nowhere in the Fair Play League.

There was plenty of running,   though physicality seemed , for the most part restrained.
League leaders Bolton Arena, managed by Marcus Brown started late with just the  three games today. Two out of three ain’t bad as the song goes and they hit five goals in two games to dispose of nearest challenger Burnley Clarets, and their stablemates Stateside Arena.  Nash Bees thwarted their target of three straight wins though with a spirited performance on pitch one, where the teams ended all square and goalless. The league leaders collected a hat-trick of FP points to boot, so the gap at the top is now more  substantial and looks unlikely to be bridged. But, one never knows.

Show your numbered shirts next time Celtic please.No colour clash here

Clarets sandwiched that disappointing defeat  with two wins of their own. Three one versus Vintage Celtic and a two one win over Tameside Striders. Their FP tally was neutral. One awarded, one deducted on the day overall.  Clarets walking football has attracted positive comments.

Nash Bees supported by  Manager Gordon Nixon had a poor day by their standards. Just one point from three games. Defeats at the hands of Striders and Amblers were followed by a resolute performance  against Bolton Arena.  Bees behaviour  on the pitch had earlier slipped in their two defeats,  letting themselves down and losing  two FP points. They clawed one back against Arena though in  a game that was described as ‘excellent’ by the match official.

Vintage Celtic played four games today. Two defeats were followed by a goalless draw versus Tameside Striders but their last game against Nash Amblers brought another loss. So the chance to climb the table didn’t materialise, although they did garner two FP points across the morning.
Tameside Striders started well with a narrow win v. Bees and followed up by holding Amblers in check for a nil-nil draw. Another goalless draw followed on pitch one where  Vintage Celtic were the opposition.  Another four game team today Striders ended on  a losing note with Clarets edging it two goals to one.

Nash Amblers, another team to face four games did well.  Opening the day with  a two-nil win against Stateside Arena.  Holding Striders to  a goalless draw then beating Bees two nil on pitch 2 in another of those ‘clashes of the Nashes’.  They closed out with another two nil win under Mark Bradshaw’s supervision against Vintage Celtic. Amblers ended the day one FP point up. An eleven point haul on the day.

Stateside Arena have been improving steadily but opened today with  a two nil reverse against the Amblers.  I personally saw some good walking football from the team and they pulled off a rare victory aganst Vintage Celtic in their second game. Sadly though Stateside were deducted two FP points after this one.

I believe multiple running offences were the reason.  The daunting task of facing stablemates Bolton Arena on pitch three  proved pivotal for their day which ended after this match.  A three-nil Bolton win, although Stateside did manage to attract a FP point from the Referee, as did their opponents.

Although there was some fairly heated exchanges today, plus amounts of running that one has come to associate with walking football (it was given the wrong name at the outset, in my opinion)  it seemed the occasion was once again an enjoyable one for most people.  And a safe one for all, I hope. We will meet again in very late January.
Thanks to our four Referees today. Messrs: Pearce, Coll, Burrows and Bradshaw. To the three assistants Messrs: Cravagan , Wilson and Quinn.  To Pat for toiling over the chips in the kitchen and also to David Partington for bringing three platefuls of buttered muffins, and to Peter Dixon for sponsoring them. Seemed poetic justice to capture one of his goals on video (I think..not checked yet) ! Well done Pete.  John Smith of Nash Amblers  has already offered to sponsor January’s baps.

Dave Fielding

A big shout out to David Fielding for turning up early again to help set up the pitches with Mark and myself. Keith Yardley also going the extra mile. Finally,  a pat on my own back  for bothering (when I can’t play myself much)  to do all this ‘stuff’ in  an effort to assist in  creating  a league that’s a little different. A little less competitive. So far  this season 6/10 for that methinks. Also brings valuable revenue to Curzon Ashton F.C.  in terms of entry fees and the snack bar was very busy today, after the games.
Wishing everyone involved a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2020. A date which seemed like science fiction when i was a kid !
The league table will follow later. Lots ofphotographs and video to come. Watch this space.


here >OCTOBER REPORT from Alan Richards….

Bright sunshine greeted us all at Curzon Ashton’s Tameside Stadium this morning the 23rd. of October 2019.
With  a few first time intro’s on camera completed (I missed one – Dave Mooney (?) of Vintage Celtic – I’ll ‘get’ you next time, Sir) players decamped to the changing rooms and all the games kicked off under two minutes late. So far so good.

High flyers – can Bolton Arena stay up there?

The low sun was problematic and all games saw a half time turn around.
High flyers Bolton Arena enjoyed an ‘away’ win at Nash Amblers. They took the lead just on the stroke of half time. The Amblers had a great chance to equalise later  but just could not capitalise on it.

Amblers go close

Arena went on to feature in a score draw ( 1-1) with Vintage Celtic who’s last gasp goal would not have been allowed under some other rules but with our Manchester County F.A. rules (which we helped to compile)  a ball going over head height off the ‘keeper,  and spinning away behind him into the net is a goal. Reasoning? Until quite recently this was the way the national  F.A. saw it too We feel goals are hard enough to come by as it is.  Four points shared between the two teams for a scoring draw.
Completing their fixtures on pitch 3 by  beating Tameside Striders narrowly,  Arena are still unbeaten. They banked six points today after ‘fair play’ point deductions, and remain  at the top of the league. (Table later)

  • – –
    The Clarets from Burnley were took  a while to get going, as John Walton takes up their story..
    “We were slow out the blocks again today but Bees were on their game and deservedly won.
    Much better in the other games with Nigel Holt netting the winner against Amblers, and Dave Stobbs on the mark against Stateside. Then Pete Hey netted both in the final match against Celtic.
    It was a day of missed penalties, Stobbs taking too many steps for ours, Amblers hitting the bar and then Celtic too striking the bar before Referee Mr. Bradshaw ordered a retake, Graham Hill saving”
    Clarets finished the day with three wins and a defeat and move up the table to second place.
togetherness from the Clarets

Bees themselves, with  a depleted squad due to unavoidable circumstances and a man playing who was feeling distinctly below par, (John Gaskin) had a good day themselves.  Losing, perhaps  surprisingly to Stateside their other three games yielded nine points, finally beating local rivals Tameside Striders, and leap frogging them in the table. Bees collected two ‘fair play’ points in the process

Mike Conroy fires goalward

Striders themselves began the day well enough, scoring twice without reply to earn victory Stateside on pitch one. Following a break Striders took on Bolton Arena but succumbed to the odd goal despite some stoical resistance.  The Tameside team lost two more fair play points today. Minus three for the season so far.

  • – – –
    Nash Amblers lost their opening games by the narrowest of margins but rallied to end the day with  a two one win against Stateside. Losing a fair play point in this one reduced their tally to two though,  and they will be hoping to improve matters next time out.
  • Stateside attacking Striders goal

    Newcomers Stateside, looking more at home this time picked up their first win turning over the Bees on pitch three. Their four games in total yielded three points,  but unfortunately lost two fair play points.  Wisely substituting players who had transgressed twice, otherwise it could have been worse. Stateside improved a lot today and will settle into this league. “They’ll come  good” one Claret opined at close of play.

  • Pitch One Referee Garry Pearce checks out the days fixture list

    Let’s hope for similar weather next month , we reconvene on the 27th.
    Thanks are due here: To David Fielding for helping me set up the pitches, Mark Bradshaw too. To Darren Sullivan for taking some photographs, and more of those to come hopefully,  thanks to young Mr. Hill from Burnley.   David Partington for providing the buttered barms,  sponsored this month by Denton Walking Football Group. To PETER DIXON for putting his hand in his pocket to sponsor November’s bread.
    Thanks to the Referee’s and assistants.  It’s a difficult job and sometimes made harder by players reactions. Nobody tries to get things wrong. If in your eyes we make a mistake better just to seethe silently because outbursts will probably cost your team points and do nobody any good.
    Finally thanks to the staff, Pat and colleagues in the snack bar for catering for hungry walking footballers.
    It was also good to see some elderly Gents and Ladies from  a nearby Dementia Centre taking some fresh air and watching the walking football. A later life bonus they will have unfortunately missed out on.
    We didn’t, so lets just rejoice in that and enjoy what we can do – winning is not everything.
    Get well soon Referee Alan Graham,  Bee Adrian Jones. Ambler’s Steve Johnson and Denis Cudahy plus all the other absentees on health grounds today.

  • more photo’s from today:


A NEW SEASON BEGINS…writes Alan Richards

Steve Hampson

…and we welcomed Stateside the second Bolton Arena team to the league, who replace Denton Wednesday, who will be missed but many of their players have been absorbed into other squads or were playing an active part today on the sidelines.
The weather was kind,  and it was dry as the first games kicked off, and remained so all morning.
On pitch one the newly formed ‘Burnley Clarets’ found it tough going against Bolton Arena who won by four goals to nil. Both teams earned praise from the Referee Garry Pearce, and a fair play point.
Vintage Celtic fought out a goalless draw in with Stateside in their debut match on pitch 2.
Tameside Striders and Nash Amblers cancelled each other out in a stalemate on pitch 3 with Striders taking a fair play point from this one.
Nash Bees entered the fray in  a clash of the Nash but the Amblers edged it one-nil, although the team in red were deducted a fair play point by Referee Keith Burrows on pitch 2.
Celtic went down to Striders by the odd goal, another Stephen Hampson goal ‘setting’ up the ‘Badgers’ win.
The all Bolton clash saw Arena dominate Stateside,  hitting six goals in twenty minutes.

Andy Clarke – lethal finishing

This Arena team clearly laying down  a marker as the major force in this league. Each team picked up  a fair play point from Mark Bradshaw.
The third tranche of matches saw Arena once again emerge with  a win. This time it was the Bees, who to their credit  lost only by the narrowest of margins.
Clarets poor start continued when they lost to Striders , although they picked up  a point from the Referee whilst Striders forfeited two ! Meaning this win brought them only one point.

Amblers lost to  old rivals Celtic by  a goal to nil with the winners also collecting a fair play point from Mr.Bradshaw. Celtic then enjoyed an early finish, their day was done.
The noon games saw Striders beat Stateside on Garry Pearce’s pitch one. I think it was Rod Seddon’s goal that tipped the balance. Neither team impressed the Referee with their attitude and peformance sufficiently to earn extra points apiece.
Arena completed their  day  by defeating Amblers two goals to nil. Both teams picking up points from the Referee Mr.Burrows for their sporting approach to the game.
Similar on pitch 3 with Clarets looking to win their final game but were denied by those busy Bees and it was Adrian Jones who stung the Clarets late on to equalise. Both teams take two points for a scoring draw so they each emerge with three points from this one when the Referees discretionary award is taken into account

  • – – –
    The signs are obvious. Bolton Arena are the team to beat and have already opened up  a clear lead. This time last year they were dropping fair play points  but this time around have picked up three on the first day.  “We’ve got the hang of it now” said one of their players.   They do  tend to play a one or two touch game whilst the other teams often take the full three.  They also have some excellent strikers, Andy Carke in particular impressing today.  It’s a long campaign though,  and there will be twists and turns. Next month we hopefully see some familiar faces return.
  • Stateside

    It’s likely the Stateside team will see a transfer from their Bolton stablemates to shore things up and things are bound to get better for them one would hope.
    No reports of any unpleasantness, controversy or arguments of any significance this day,  whch is exactly as we want it in this league. The snack bar was busy afterwards.
    Thanks to the aforementioned Referees, their assistants Messrs: Cravagan, Wilson and Sullivan.
    Thanks were expressed by numerous people to  Alan Richards for the bulk of the organisation , photography & video.  Also David Fielding and John Gaskin for helping to set up the pitches from just after 9-00am. Mark Bradshaw too. Manning pitch three as Referee, and also the snack bar virtually single handed. It really was appreciated.
    Next fixtures are on Wednesday OCTOBER 23rd. Photo and video links will emerge over the coming days.

  • – – –
    FootNote:A pair of Sondico trainers were handed in to the club. A pair of Nike’s were found and these turned out to be Steve Johnson’s (Amblers) and he’d taken the Sondico’s by mistake. Contact Mark at Curzon if the Sondico’s are yours.



In an incredibly close  finish when the destination of the title  all hinged on the final few moments of play on Pitch One,  Bolton Arena struck with just eight seconds to go.
That goal saw them open up  a winning two point margin on a day when they also picked up fair play points which helped eased them in front of the Nash Amblers in the final analysis.

With three wins  on the final day and a total of 52 match won points, they are worthy winners, a full eleven point advantage in terms of match won points over the Amblers.  It’s worth noting though from Bolton’s point of view that the two fair play points they  were awarded today were CRUCIAL for them as in the event of a points draw, Amblers would have won the title with a far superior fair play points tally.  Winning games is not everything in this league though , as was almost proven.


  • – – –
    The team had  started the day with a narrow win over Burnley W.F.  The Clarets had chances they didn’t convert and in the end great saves by Graham Hill were to no avail as the Arena team struck towards the end.
    Next , Arena polished off Denton Wednesday on pitch three with three goals. No reply from Wednesday. Mark Bradshaw reporting both teams ‘as good  as gold’.
    A goalless draw  with Nash Bees – how well the Bees played throughout and this result illustrates how close they came to winning two trophies, finishing just three points behind the Champions.
  • – – – – –
    And so it all boiled down to a showdown on pitch one. Arena v. Amblers. The latter having lost just one game throughout. A miserly goals against record which has always been an Amblers trait.
    Four games for the  men in royal blue today ,  and two wins seemed to put them in the box seat.  They eased past Tameside Striders, before the Clash of the Nash saw them draw nil-nil with Bees. Neither of the top two teams could beat the Nash Bees today.
  • Nash Amblers

    Amblers then put Vintage Celtic to the sword two -nil before that thrilling finish which saw them take a trophy home, but not the one they’d have wanted at 10-30 today. WELL DONE AMBLERS !
    Nash Bees finished  third in the table. Topping the Fair Play points system easily in the end. They seemed to be popular winners. Gordon Nixon had been briefing his team in the days before the FPL’s climax.  He really wanted this trophy The ‘Ken Richards’ Cup and I personally am delighted Gordon’s team have won it. (Ed.)

  • Nash Bees

    Bees played three games today. Holding off the Champions and the Runners up before losing in their final game to Burnley W.F. who finished Fourth in the table. A good win for the team from Turf Moor.
    Burnley were welcome additions to this league and always a good natured crew.

  • Burnley WF
  • Today they were again led by Naomi Greene in the absence of Sam Wilcock.  Losing  out narrowly  to Bolton early on they were kicking themselves at missed chances. They beat Tameside Striders on Pitch two before ending their campaign with  the notable victory against those Bees on Mark Bradshaw’s pitch 3. Burnley finished third from  bottom in the Fair Play reckonings and it would pay them  to cut down on running off and on the ball to make sure they didn’t give away points needlessly.
    Next, in fifth spot came Vintage Celtic. The team in Blue and white stripes won two matches today against Denton Wednesday and Tameside Striders.  A very good goal from Brian Coll in the second of those two games.
  • Vintage Celtic
  • With just three games today Celtic blotted their copybook in their final outing versus Nash Amblers  when one of their players was ‘red carded’ for foul mouthed abuse directed at Referee Mark Bradshaw.  This cannot be tolerated, and frankly for walking football (any football) is totally out of order.  Celtic lost five fair play points for the outburst.  They also lost the game two nil.
  •  – – – – – –
    Denton Wednesday, down to just six players today put in  a tremendous shift in their three games but only managed to muster one match won point, in  a nil-nil draw with fellow strugglers Tameside Striders.
  • Denton Wednesday
  • Their other games were losses by the odd goal to Vintage Celtic, and a three-nil drubbing by the eventual Champions, Bolton Arena. We should remember   Denton Wednesday did not exist before this FPL league started and their players were drawn from mixed ability pots.  They had easily the most senior squad in terms of age.  So WELL DONE WEDNESDAY !
    Tameside Striders, also down to six did not get the rub of the green today. Losing one nil to Nash Amblers early doors they then faced Vintage Celtic on pitch two.  A narrow one nil defeat here but they had chances, but a familiar story I’m afraid could just not find a goal.  Mike Kieron played very well for Celtic, as Striders tested him several times.  Brian Coll , in space to set himself up to smash home  the winner, and David Partington had no chance with Coll’s powerful shot.
    Strider’s lost to Burnley W.F. one-nil once more.
  • Tameside Striders
  • Strider’s  worked so hard and again had chances. By the time their fourth and final game v. Denton Wednesday came around  a change was required and David Partington hastily re-kitted himself, as Jeremie Coulon went in goal.  The ‘Franchmanc’ has not played for several months and the intensity of the games had all but worn him out.  He did a good job between the sticks. Partington’s guile added something to Strider’s game but they still  couldn’t get the ball past Wednesday’s Woz Taylor.  Honours even in this one and Wednesday stay in sixth place with Striders holding up the rest. WELL DONE ANYWAY AND HARD LUCK STRIDERS – it’s the taking part that counts.  (you win the  award  for the nicest kit – Ed.) 🙂
  • – – – – –
    So, it’s done and dusted, and the organisers, Referees and players can take a break, and consider a job well done.  We will contemplate future policy over the summer and decide what we’re doing, if anything  in the Autumn.  Might seem a long way off but tempus fugit.
    Thanks all for your attendance, support and positive comments.  The final table will appear soon. It was close. Mighty close. Take a look at the FP table below. It’s a funny old game….
    NASH BEES  – 117
    NASH AMBLERS – 112
    BURNLEY – 108
    BOLTON ARENA – 103
  • _________________________________________________

MARCH 27th …round six of fixtures…

Something was missing this morning. Team photo’s ! Apologies,  we will make up for it next month as we approach our climax.
The ‘top of the table’ clash between Nash Amblers and Bolton Arena ended in  a one-one draw.  A Blue card was shown in this game and cost the Bolton team three ‘fair play’ points.
The player concerned was obviously  not happy , and asked if there was an appeals process. For Blue cards – the first disciplinary measure comparable to a  yellow card in regular football, for which there is no right of appeal.   Red cards with supporting video evidence are a different matter. Although in   ‘fair play league’ planning  for walking football, we didn’t really give such  a matter much thought.
A Chris Kershaw goal put Bolton in front in this one but Stewart White equalised for the Amblers.

The ‘battle at the bottom’ saw a depleted Tameside Striders squad – only a bare minimum six players today – hold Denton Wednesday to  a nil-nil draw.
Burnley WF registered a two-one  win against Nash Bees on Mark Bradshaw’s pitch 3.

Vintage Celtic’s first action came at 11-00am. and they lost by the odd goal in three against Bolton Arena.  Nash Amblers  played out a goalless draw with Burnley on pitch one, and Nash Bees got back on the winning trail with  a one-nil victory over Denton Wednesday, with Bernard Roddy, 83 making his FPL debut in  a blue and yellow shirt.
Burnley’s day got even better when they eased past Wednesday on Alan Graham’s pitch two.  A sudden epidemic of running amongst  the Clarets saw the lose two fair play points in this one.

Another one -nil win saw Nash Bees beat Vintage Celtic. Could the Bees be turning a corner as we all approach the home straight ?
Over on pitch three Tameside Striders put in a tremendously defiant display against Bolton Arena, who dominated play and tested ‘keeper David Partington time after time.  Shots rained in on his goal and of those on target he dealt with them well. Could the ‘Badgers’ hold on. When an Andy Clarke thunderbolt hit the cross bar it looked like Striders might just get away with a point but moments later the Bolton breakthrough came. Reward for their dominance but Striders, to  a man put in one heck of a shift in resistance.
With Bolton now back in the dressing room and done for the day ,  the other six teams played out the final set of games.  I think we were running only eight or nine minutes late at this stage. A great effort.
Wednesday and Amblers cancelled each other out in  a goalless draw played in excellent spirit.

Nash Bees put the icing on their cake with  a third win of the day over Tameside Striders , a Trevor Brereton goal the difference between the two sides. Striders day didn’t get any better when they were docked a fair play point for three teams runs.

Vintage Celtic’s final appearance brought a score draw one-one against Burnley.  Referee  Mark Bradshaw declining each team a discretionary point  to  add to the two each team gained, due to some players constantly  ‘disputing decisions.’
We reconvene for a final time on April 24th. when the trophies must be won. There will be a presentation in the Nash Bar approximately forty-five minutes after the last games have finished.  It’s wide open  at the top and there’s everything to play fairly for.

Feedback welcomed….


FEBRUARY 27TH…round five of fixtures…

Alan Richards reports…

The only thing we didn’t expect was ‘wall to wall’ sunshine. What a day of weather. More like late May than the end of February. We were a little concerned as ten o’clock ticked by and Burnley and Bolton had not arrived,  However, Bolton knew they were on  a later start, and Burnley’s bus took  a wrong turn but soon got back on track. Nice to meet Naomi Green, standing in for Sam Wilcock who had important business down in London today. Hope it went well Sam.

  • – –
    The Nash Bees declining fortunes seemed to be halted when they opened up with  a win, ‘away’ at Tameside Striders.

David Partington had kept the Striders in it with  a string of saves and Adrian Jones went incredibly close – the ball bouncing off the inside of a post with ‘Party’ beaten but somehow stayed out. Referee Keith Burrows had a good view of it.
A rare defensive mistake led to Trevor Brereton’s goal which was enough to give ‘Bees’ the points.
Denton Wednesday, perhaps surprisingly held the Nash Amblers to  a goalless draw on Pitch One.

The first of three nil-nil draws for Wilson & Stafford’s men. Looking colourful in the bright sunlight.  Rod Seddon’s arrival has made a big difference to this team and Ken Dean and Eric Thomas will have boosted the ranks.

– – –
Vintage Celtic and Burnley contested another goalless match on Mark BRadshaw’s pitch three. The Referee deducted a fair play point from Celtic for constant backchat from one player in particular.  This could have easily  been a Blue card and lost three points. Bear this in mind when challenging the Ref’s  decisions in an impolite, constant way.

  • – – –
    Burnley WF  met Bolton Arena in the dark blues first match of the day.  ‘Good as Gold’ was Referee Pearce’s summation after what might have been expected to be a combative Lancashire ‘derby’ .

Both teams picked up  a Fair Play point, making a total of four combined  for Bolton Arena who went away with  a two-nil win. Andy Clarke and David Mort on target.

  • – – –
    Vintage Celtic and Denton Wednesday cancelled each other out in their game which was both teams second goalless result of the day.
    Tameside Striders, keen to lift themselves off the bottom could not find the net either against Nash Amblers.  The Royal Blue chevron clad men won by the odd goal. A launch pad for what was to prove a memorable day that saw them surge up the table.

Pitch One saw Striders and Celtic toil underneath what was becoming a warm sun as the morning wore on. A somewhat physical game but with  nobody overstepping the mark of fair play point deductions by the Referee Garry Pearce.
The ‘Clash of the Nash’ saw the Amblers ascendant. A narrow ‘away’ win under the watchful eye of Keith Burrows.

These teams know and respect each other and though Amblers took the spoils each was awarded a discretionary fair play point. Stewart White with the vital goal for the second time this morning.
Pitch Three was the scene of Denton Wednesday versus the fancied Bolton side but the Tameside team away with honours even.  It may have been a keen contest however, as there were no discretionary FP awards from Referee Bradshaw.
In fact FP awards were down by almost fifty  per cent today,  Thresholds have been raised a little and exemplary performances are needed.  This league is determined to be different and suit those players who are not ultra competitive and for whom winning is desirable but NOT everything.
Denton Wednesday retired early to polish of a few of the free barmcakes and the final fixtures saw Bolton beat the Bees two-nil on Pitch one. Goals from Andy Clarke (?). Perhaps the keenest contest of the morning this one. A few raised voices wafted over to Pitch Two where Tameside Striders were managing to get ahead of Burnley, courtesy of a Stephen Hampson goal, assisted by Alan Brodie.  In the closing stages a powerful Burnley shot ricoched off Richards’ knee and was heading for the top corner when an outstretched hand  from Partington spared my blushes, and he fingertipped it around the post.  Striders were forced to defend for much of the second half but did not resort to running down the clock. Lessons learned. Fair doo’s. Fair play.

The icing on the Nash Amblers cake came from John Smith in the form of a winning goal against Vintage Celtic. With ten points won and three discretionary awards they have leapfrogged Bolton Arena.
Our photographer friend Reality Osuaha has taken 435 photo’s which need some sorting.

We had two video cameras on duty  – thanks to Callum the cameraman – and over the next week or so footage will emerge.
Thanks also to Roy Smith and Alan Graham for photography. There’s  even  a couple of me ! Cheers Al.
More thanks to Peter Quinn, who arrived very early to help us set up the pitches. The three Referees Garry, Keith and Mark. To Alan Graham – get well soon. Also Pat in the Curzon snack bar for all the chip  dollops and lashings of gravy, and the brews.  Not forgetting  Keith Yardley, this months ‘muffin man’.
The league table will appear tomorrow after a triple check,  but I can already confirm  Nash Amblers, with seven games to go are leading after today’s games. It’s all getting rather interesting – in  a fair play kind of way.



Bolton Arena – twelve points taken back to Bolton

Delayed from January due to the inclement weather last week, the Curzon Wednesday Fair Play Walking Football league resumed today, 6th. February.
First up on Pitch One league leaders Nash Bees were up against the skilful passing team Bolton Arena.

Without  David Fielding with an Achiles tendon injury, and down to  a squad of seven,   the Bees never got going and Bolton won by the odd goal. Both teams were awarded FP points which restored Bolton to the 100 they began with.

  • – –
    Burnley , having travelled furthest today drew a blank in their first game as did opponents Tameside Striders who find it very difficult to score goals at all.  A point apiece for a goalless draw then, at least Burnley emerged with fair play  point.
  • Nash Amblers managed a two-nil win over Vintage Celtic with both teams impressing Referee Mark Bradshaw with their sportsmanship. FP point each.
  • – – –
    Denton Wednesday had a late start and came up against Tameside Striders. A close game and a deserved draw but no goals. Striders alone were awarded an FP point by Referee Garry Pearce.
    No goals either on Referee  Alan Graham’s pitch 2 with Amblers and Bolton Arena deadlocked. A  contest in which both teams earned a discretionary point.
  • Burnley’s hat trick hero

    Burnley played Bees with Mark Bradshaw the man in the middle. Something of a goal blitz from their  striker Whitehead who hit a hat-trick as they romped home. Bees were rocking after two successive defeats but were glad to receive a FP point as did the Lancashire team.

  • – – –
    The halfway point saw three more games kick off more or less bang on time at 11-30am.
    Burnley may have been buoyant after their win but Nash Amblers burst the Clarets bubble with a one-nil win.  Bolton became the second team to score three goals and Vintage Celtic could only manage one in reply. In the biggest surprise of the day bottom team Denton Wednesday edged a one-nil  over victory over Nash Bees – who must have wished the snow was still on the ground by now – co-Manager Brian Stafford on target for Wednesday.
  • – – – –
    Of these 11-30am. games only Bolton didn’t achieve a FP point. Nineteen were awarded in total today. The Referees were pleased with the attitude of the vast majority of players, and there’s no doubt that running is less prevalent within  a three touch format , contact too.
  • – – –
  • Nash Amblers – only one defeat so far in 13 games

    The final round of games saw the Amblers excused and they will have  trooped off happy  with their seven point haul of match won point performance on the day. Ten in total.

  • Nash Bees salvaged something from their disappointing  day with  a two-nil win over Vintage Celtic, who struggled to make their mark today.  Losing all three of their games at least  the Stalybridge men  managed to score a goal today. Unlike Tameside Striders who finished with  a one-nil defeat at the hands of Bolton Arena on Pitch 3.
  • This was the only game where neither team impressed the Referee,  there was sufficient rancour on pitch three to see neither team rewarded.
  • Seddon – number ten

    A goal from Rod Seddon put the icing on the cake of Denton Wednesday’s day, co-manager David Wilson cock-a-hoop with a seven point return plus a couple of FP points which might just lift them off the bottom of the table.

  •  – – –
    No cards of any colour today  – we’ve now only seen a single Blue one  in FORTY EIGHT games. Impressive by any standards.
  • – – –

  • The snack bar was almost as packed as it can be on  a Curzon match-day after the games and the tasty Chip barms were flying over the counter. Thanks to Nash Ambler’s John Smith for sponsoring the
    We do it all again in three weeks time and suddenly some of these fixtures will be taking on a tasty look themselves with climbers and fallers giving the table (released tomorrow) an interesting look with more than half of the games now completed.  Every team is now in positive Fair Play territory over the 100 mark. Well done everyone  on the fair play front. To be honest I thought we’d see far more deductions than we’ve seen so far.
    Alan Richards


The rain held off for us again today despite moisture laden air and an iffy forecast. It was quite mild too but the wind did pick up noticeably as the proceedings progressed.

Thanks everyone for co-operating with the video check-in procedure. I might put some of those on the website but remember next time just your YEAR of birth please not the actual date. Everyone looked to be within the right age grouping today (sorry fellers) but most of us are knocking on a bit. All the more reason to CELEBRATE just what we got up to this morning in the November round of the Curzon Wednesday F.P.L. (fair play league).

Our ‘statto’ – Dugout Dave

I actually played in a couple of games myself today.  First up against Bolton Arena on pitch 3. Tameside Striders had no penetration but set up for a draw and we got one. Tactics were employed for once, and the Bolton danger men were not given the space they can make so much profit from. They went close on occasion but ‘keeper Dave Partington was equal to them.

Denton Wednesday v. Nash Amblers

Denton Wednesday enjoyed their first win. A 2-0 defeat of Burnley with two Joe Bemrose goals to get them up and walking, Nash Bees and Vintage Celtic saw out a nil – nil draw with each team earning a fair play point from Referee Garry Pearce.

  • – – – – –
    The Nash Amblers were in action at 11-00am or thereabouts , held to a draw by Denton Wednesday much to the delight of Wednesday co-manager David Wilson. Striders and Bees toiled to a goalless draw in their game, (NO fair play points) Nil-nil the favourite score of the day also the result of Vintage Celtic’s latest match up against Burnley Walking Football with a similar absence of Ref’s discretionary points for fair play. None deducted.

Such a colourful scene even on a dull day all the teams in their vivid, colourful kits. What a great sight. Can you imagine many of our Father’s doing this in their sixties and seventies? It just was not an option for many men back then who, if still alive could have inhabited bodies buckled, broken or bent by years in heavy industry and manual jobs. We are a lucky generation.
Burnley and Bolton clashed on pitch one. A fiesty game I heard later. Is it central Lancashire rivalry? No fair play points awarded here but at least NONE were deducted. (IN ANY OF THE GAMES). John Walton scored the vital goal for the clarets and made sure I knew it ! Why not, goals are hard to come by as he said himself.
Referees reported that running was kept in control for much of the morning across all pitches. There were some contact offences – as I noticed directly myself ! No harm done.
Celtic and Wednesday were firing blanks on Pitch Two and no change on Pitch Three as Referee Mark Bradshaw officiated another goalless draw as neither Striders nor Amblers could make the vital breakthrough.

Burnley were bidding us goodbye as the fourth time slot beckoned three more games and six teams, ready for the final fray. The wind had become hostile by now but still, it kept dry somehow.
Something of a goal glut on Bradshaw’s pitch as Bolton Arena put three past the youthful (50) Wednesday ‘keeper. The most emphatic win of the day for the Arena side – let us know your goalscorers please. They can be added later.

  • – – – – – –
    The latest ‘clash of the Nash’ ended goalless. Alan Graham’s high threshold for awarding fair play points was not breached and the Curzon component of our league’s local make-up gained just a single point apiece from the stalemate.
    On Garry Pearce’s pitch one, the wind was causing problems neither Celtic nor Striders could solve. The latter lost Laurie O’Toole with a hamstring injury. Striders took the lead through yours truly. A fine ball from Wingrove found me in space. Twenty five yards out three touches can be challenging but pushing the ball forward twice I found the bottom corner as Celtic’s Mike Kieron dived low. Thinking I’d got the winner , the smile was soon wiped from my face when Strider’s were penalised for time-wasting with four back passes to the goalkeeper. Being aware of our rules, and having seen this coming I personally had no problem with the Referee’s decision. The ball simply stroked to his feet Celtic stalwart Derek Drabble let fly with a fearsome equaliser that left our ‘keeper Dave Partington with no chance. Both teams collected a fair play point despite the back pass debacle for which we paid the penalty.
  • – – – – – —
    And that was that. What a great morning of walking football – eventually video might show the odd spurt of unpunished pace but this was tremendously enjoyable. I received loots of comment afterwards – and not just about the free barmcakes on offer. There was a a hubbub in the snack bar , all tables were full as the players enjoyed each others company.
  • – – – – – – –
    If there is a God, then may he bless our dear old  Dad’s and let’s thank him for this lease of OUR later lives which so many of us are enjoying to the hilt.
    Thanks to Mark and the Curzon club, to our Referee’s and not least to Pat, and her colleague in the snack-bar. And all players for helping to make this league a little different, and very enjoyable so far. The league table will be online tomorrow latest.
    See y’all in the meantime there will be photo and video uploads. In between time (whisper it) have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
  • – – – – – –


Everybody turned up in a cheerful frame of mind today for the second monthly round of fair play fixtures in this fledgling league. Seems most had been ‘looking forward to it’ which was good to hear.
Not really fit to play myself due to recurring hip trouble I decided to play a co-ordinator role figuring that was something we didn’t have last month.

  • – – – – –
    Two still cameras and a camcorder were handed out to Academy students and I’ll check the results over the next few days. Some were also handed linesmans flags but after an hour or so they lay abandoned on the ground. Thanks to the lads for their efforts though, they may well have been called back into their classroom. Thanks to Jack, Kole and Sean for helping with the coverage while they could.
  • – – – – –
    On the pitch the ‘Clash of the Nash’ brought an emphatic three-nil win for the Amblers. A John Smith hat-trick undoing those Bees. Some good natured banter here as the Bees took defeat in their stride gaining a rare fair play point from Alan Graham.
  • David Mort

    The goals continued to flow in the first set of fixtures as Vintage Celtic despatched Tameside Striders three nil ! Another hat trick, this time from Stuart Greaves (hope I’ve got the spelling right).
    Bolton Arena capitalised on a brace from David Mort as they beat Denton Wednesday but were deducted a fair play point after five running offences (one more that would have been two points less).

  • – – – –
    At eleven am. or thereabouts Burnley W.F. got in on the action and beat Striders by the odd goal in three. Bowden and Stobbs with the goals for the ‘Clarets’. No info on the Striders striker.
    Bees put their earlier defeat behind them to beat Bolton Arena by three goals to one. Brereton , Fielding and Jones on target With Mulvaney replying for Bolton.  Bees lost a FP point in this one. The Arena organiser Marcus Brown accompanied his squad this time and it was a pleasure to meet him.
  • Nash Amblers and Vintage Celtic contested a nil-nil draw (by no means the first between these two teams).
  • – – – – – – –
  • Striders met Wednesday at 11-00am on pitch one where the black and white stripe bedecked ‘Badgers’ scored in the last minute to steal three points. Steve Hampson on target for the Tameside team.
    Nash Amblers scoring touch had  deserted them and another nil-nil saw them holding Bolton Arena to a goalless draw.
    On pitch 3 with Mark Bradshaw in charge Burnley WF and the Nash Bees enjoyed a very civilised one-one draw with both teams awarded a fair play point. Stobbs (Burnley) Lloyd (Bees) the scorers.
  • It was good to see  coach Sam Wilcock with his Burnley team. They have been practising their three touch technique and it’s clearly paying off as they have climbed the table. We’ll bring you an interview with Sam over the next few days.
  • – – – – – – – –
    High noon saw Burnley take on the Nash Amblers and the Turf Moor team again picked up a fair play point – as did Amblers – following a goalless draw played in good cheer.

  • Bolton Arena and Vintage Celtic also drew on pitch 2 with Alan Graham in charge. They managed to bag two points apiece as it was one-one. Not too sure of the goalscorers in this one. You can always update us with an email, tweet or text if you wish. – @FplCurzon – 07387 174934.
    Nash Bees and Denton Wednesday ended their mornings efforts with a cordial, well paced goalless draw , each earning a FP point from Mark Bradshaw. Wednesday players included a player very new to the game and others who are not yet fully fit. They all worked hard, none moreso than skipper Steve Foster who was instrumental in getting the best out of his players. Good to see Joe Bemrose back in action too.
  • – – – – – –

  • The action wrapped up and handshakes and good vibes with the tea and coffee in the Curzon snack bar (no sandwiches today – sorry).
    Lessons learned. The co-ordinator needs t be at a central point s the Referees can approach him with the game stats and facts after the final whistle. Not too sure if  the big white board is of use. Did you look at it? All of this will be harder when it rains but Mark informs me more shelters/dugouts are on the way so we will have plenty of shelter
  • – – – – – – –
    Well done all. We’ve got off to a good start, I think. Keep watching these web pages for reminders of the day we all celebrated the game of walking football by playing it in the right manner – for the most part. No Blue cards, certainly NO Red cards and only three fair play points deducted. See you in late November.
  • Alan Richards – Mark Bradshaw – Garry Pearce – Alan Graham


Alan Richards writes – the inaugural month….

Academy students with a role to play

I expect there’s always some mild apprehension at the start of a completely new venture but when players from different teams started to show up in numbers any notion of complete failure evaporated. An enterprise on this scale was completely new to me after all. I’ve given it a period of 24 hours reflection before venturing into print, so to speak with an attempted overview of the day.
With lots of others on hand in the form of Curzon’s academy students, the leadership and experience of Mark Bradshaw and the presence of established and respected walking football Referee’s Garry and Alan most things were in place. The rest was up to us – walking footballers who love the game and who have taken on board the philosophy that winning simply is NOT everything
– – – – – –
What followed was an enjoyable morning for me – you too I hope, but everyone will have had their own experience. I’ve heard nothing in the way of complaints so far, only positivity. Long may that continue – at least until next month

Having compiled the results and fair play points awards with Alan & Garry in Mark’s office afterwards the first league table has emerged. Of necessity some teams have played fewer games than others at this stage but that will even out over the next few months.
First lesson I’ve learned is… there’s no rush ! Get the table triple checked. I’ve had to make two amendments already and add a caveat to the table graphic which is below this report. Teething troubles.
– – – – – – –
First impressions of the opening day?
Nash Bees combined playing prowess with a good attitude. From close quarters I watched them stroking the ball around the pitch in a precise manner.
– –
Vintage Celtic came through four games and now have a slight lead in the fair play points column. Good to see a cheerful delegation from the experienced Bower Fold set-up embracing the challenge.

Bolton Arena looked a very good side who know each other well. Highly mobile and moving the ball very smoothly. Unbeaten, and their three nil victory over Burnley W.F. was the most emphatic of the day.
– –
Burnley themselves were another team with a taxing programme of four games. Good to see coach and organiser Sam, plus Goalkeeper Steve again plus a couple of other familiar faces in the famed claret and blue.
Nash Amblers, competing here with a much changed line up from their GMWF team opened well, but faltered slightly as the morning progressed. With two additional fp points under their belts already though they are poised to make progress under their experienced leadership. This squad will win more than they lose.
– –
Tameside Striders struggled to create clear cut chances and with an already depleted squad of similar varied abilities it was no surprise when they fell to two one-nil defeats in succession. Turning that around in the final game with the Nash Amblers offers hope for future months.
– –
Denton Wednesday unfortunately lost three fp points due to a blue card. They managed to salvage two back from their games with the Amblers, and Celtic. These are very early days and a depleted squad playing four matches, with a key forward leaving the scene before they had finished their programme, placing heavy demands on the remaining six. Not all of whom were fully fit. Manager David Wilson is looking for reinforcements who can commit fully to the cause.
October fixtures will be released very soon. I have lots of video. Brief, early inspection shows some of it is not really of sufficient quality to be useful. It will take several days to go through it and the bits that are worth watching will emerge over the next couple of weeks. Perhaps as a montage of brief clips to illustrate the flavour of the days action.
– – – –
Thanks to all involved for making this a successful start. See you on October 24th.

– – – – –
September scorers: For Bolton Arena: Chris Kershaw was on target v. Tameside Striders – two goal David Mort helped to beat Burnley , a third goal came from Sean Mulvaney.
For Nash Bees a brace from Trevor Brereton got their campaign off to a great start. An Adrian Jones strike beat Vintage Celtic. Eric Lloyd clinched the Striders game for Bees.
Steve Foster registered the only goal for Denton Wednesday v. Bees. Likewise Steve Hampson for Striders v. Amblers.
Amblers only goal of the morning came from David Grimbaldeston (to be confirmed) If you want your scorers listed here (V.C. and Burnley) please get in touch.