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The Bees have been cross-pollinated, re-constituted and re-selected.  Here’s a rundown of their new squad with some new faces and some familiar ones from last season:

Woz Taylor. Goalkeeper.  One of the most potent of our  forwards Woz volunteered for a goalkeeping role to keep him involved in the FPL.  Challenging work last season when he was between the sticks for Denton Wednesday, he may see this move to the Bees as a welcome one. Played a big part in keeping Wednesday off the bottom of the league.

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    Gordon Nixon. Player / Manager,  Walkin g football stalwart and regular player at Curzon and Denton, where he is Chairman of the walking football group. A natural defender. Powerful and tenacious.  Always encouraging team mates in a  genial and circumspect manner. Sportsman of the Year in 2017. A Manchester City supporter of many decades. Likes to get forward to try a shot when possible. Shades of Alan Oakes in that regard.
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    Joe Bemrose. Was Nixon’s pre-draw pick. So enthusiastic and a workhorse who puts in  a shift every time. Talented too. Good passer of the ball and has a finish that can be lethal.  A ‘hammer’ of a left foot which is appropriate because his football loyalties have been with ‘the Hammers’ since childhood. Also  a big fan of the German game and the way they approach things.  A gentleman who will shake you by the  hand at the end whatever the result.
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    Adrian Jones. A quality midfielder with lots of drive and zeal. A cheerful presence on the pitch and off it. Burnley to his boots but there will be no conflict in this league.  Wants to win. Willing to put a real effort into it and scores goals from midfield.
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    Mike Conroy.  Gave the F.P.L.  a miss last season but should be one of the players to look our for this time around. Roams the pitch but most at home coming in from either flank to fire a humdinger goalward. A walking football ‘thinker’ who has perfected the ‘Flamingo’ penalty kick technique. Mike  has goals in him, and the Bees will be hoping he can sting opponents on a regular basis!
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    Andy Muir.  A relative newcomer to walking football Andy seldom misses a session at Denton these days. A player with  a sometimes delicate touch. Fast off the mark and may have to curb  that trait in this league. An attacker by instinct he is willing to make the most of his energetic nature and  track back when the defensive demand is there.
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    Martyn Heath.  A man from the Potteries and a very enthusiastic player at both Denton and Ashton.  Workd hard , often to good effect and usually provides an outball to the flanks.  Equally at home in an inside forward position. Scores goals occasionally and highly mobile in his efforts . An Ambler last time out. He will feel more at home in stripes – even if they are not red and white.
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    John Gaskin.  A resolute defender with an eye for good pass down the line to those in more advanced positions. John has a long football pedigree and was involved in the junior game locally for man years. Never shirks a challenge and wins the ball back often. A Bee last time out where his contribution was much appreciated.
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    Alan Richards. Prefers to figure on the left in  a semi advanced role but can switch. Plays with his head up and a good eye for  an incisive pass to team mates, who are more likely to finish. Doesn’t give the ball away too often .  A committed walking footballer and organiser who cannot currently  play quite  as often as he would like.
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Colin Fielding and the Brereton blow ! Co-manager regrets the temporary loss of one of his best players <here>

Please visit the  link below for an interview with Nash Bees Co-Managers Fielding and Nixon.

Bees currently sit top of the league after two months fixtures.


Bees squad FPL October:  Colin Fielding Gordon Nixon D Cudahy A Jones, Wenham,,Trevor Brereton ,Eric Lloyd, D Fielding, John Gaskin. Four games this month.

Eric Lloyd scores against Burnley after a goalkeeper error:

Some footage v. Bolton Arena Denis Cudahy in action  <buzz>

VIDEO :Wednesday v. Bees in October <click>

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