Our Referees

Three Referees and three diligent assistants (all three have had some F.A. training)  – this season has seen adult  ‘linesmen’ employed in our league and it’s all the better for it..If you know of any other league that goes to this amount of trouble and expense in an effort to get things right let us know please.

Here we have Peter, Mark, Alan, Garry, Tony and David..

photo credit : Brad Hill


Keith Burrows will be in charge on pitch 2 for the September round of fixtures.  Alan Graham will be collating our statistics match by match,  and hopes to be able to recommence Refereeing duties in October. Grateful thanks to Keith for once again assisting the F.P.L.

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All of those who Refereed last season will be involved at some point,  and in some way at the FPL 2019-2020. The drive to recruit adult ‘assistants’ or ‘linesmen’  intensified this week and we have three volunteers for the role who will be modestly rewarded each month.  To foster consistency each of the three will be allocated a pitch to develop  a good relationship with the Referee in question. Thanks to Tony, David and Peter all of whom have Refereeing experience of their own and attended the recent Lancashire F.A. ‘workshop’ at Heywood.

Alan Graham has not been well lately and we wish him  a speedy recovery. Hope to see him back on the Nash 3g. before very long:

For the final session in April Denis Cudahy and Alan Richards were drafted in to cover pitch 2.

Richards Refereed three games. His first in competitive walking football. Needs must. It must be remembered that as a group we do not have an inexhaustible supply of qualified Referees. Other teams must be aware that their games can and will be officiated by people with close ties to our  local walking football groups. Integrity is assured but if you have doubts, stay away.



Compiled after the March round….some stats around F.P.L. points with 58 awarded it’s worth remembering only fifteen have been deducted. On the final day in April (not included in the graphic) eighteen Fair Play points were awarded and nine deducted.

Alan Graham and Garry Pearce react to the November games:

Our three Referes will each need to report the game stats to ‘dugout’ Dave Wenham. He will have all the fixtures to hand and will also have three of these boards on his ‘desk’ so the Ref’s can enter the details.  Dave can then take his time to enter and update  his log book.

Last month there were one or two cock-ups and this is part of the solution to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The organisers are grateful to David  for giving up his time, despite suffering a back injury. We are learning as we go and this kit comes courtesy of DWFG buffer fund  (£6)  – (they have a sale on at ‘The Works’ Crown Point North #bargains).

An interview with Garry Pearce , one of our respected Referee’s at this link.

< watch Garry >

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Our three regular officials are:

Mr. Mark Bradshaw

Mr. Alan Graham

Mr. Garry Pearce.

Thanks to Keith Burrows of Stalybridge for deputising for Alan Graham on February 27th.

Al the above have been involved in league planning since the idea was first discussed. They form a four man  league management committee along with Alan Richards.

There are also at least six other  Manchester F.A. badged and accredited Referees involved in the league as players and team organisers. Two of whom sat on the founding committee which met in July 2018 and all members of the current steering committee are involved in walking football Refereeing regularly.