September fixtures. Referees Pitch 1 Mr.G Pearce Pitch 2: To Be confirmed

Pitch 3: Keith Burrows

10.30 :Pitch 1  Burnley Clarets  v. Bolton Arena
10-30 :Pitch 2  Vintage Celtic v. Stateside
10-30 :Pitch 3 Tameside Striders  v.  Nash Amblers
Late start: Nash Bees

11.00 :Pitch 1 Vintage Celtic v. Tameside Striders
11.00 :Pitch 2  Nash Bees  v.  Nash Amblers
11.00 :Pitch 3 Stateside v.  Bolton Arena
Team resting: Burnley Clarets

11.30 :Pitch 1 Bolton Arena  v.  Nash Bees
11.30 :Pitch 2 Burnley Clarets  v.  Tameside Striders
11.30 :Pitch 3 Nash Amblers  v.  Vintage Celtic
Team resting: Stateside

12.00 :Pitch 1 Tameside Striders v. Stateside
12.00 :Pitch 2 Nash Amblers  v.  Bolton Arena
12.00 :Pitch3 Burnley Clarets  v.  Nash Bees
Vintage Celtic: Early finish

Three teams play four games and these  will vary as the season progresses. Games twenty-minutes duration.  Change ends @ 10 mins H-T at Referees discretion.

THIS LEAGUE’S DIFFERENT  LET’S KEEP IT THAT WAY LET’S KEEP IT GOING – £40 per team payable to M.Bradshaw on the morning of the matches each month September to April (break in December)