Tameside Striders


As things stand we’ll have eight players at our disposal over four games.  David Partington, Steve Hampson, Alan Brodie, Rob Lake, Steve Wingrove, Jeremie, Peter Dixon and myself. At least a couple of players will probably appear in all four matches but a few others will start in three, fewer still will start two but all will get some healthy game time as we attempt to climb off the bottom.  Remember , none of this matters in the wider scheme of things so treat the morning – and the games themselves  – as a bit of fun with just a little added competitive spice!  We do not want to give away any more FP points and could actually do with gaining the four that are on offer across these games. – Alan Richards ~~~ – incidentally Terry Harrison has withdrawn from the squad with  a niggling groin injury that’s proving slow to heal.

March round

STRIDERS V. VINTAGE CELTIC –  video coming soon  – lessons to learn thanks  in advance to David Wenham for the camera work.

Alan Richards puts Striders in front v. Vintage Celtic in November..<clip>

Could easily have been disallowed to be honest  No.5 running – fast!

Tameside Striders squad FPL 3 games: David Partington Rob Lake Pete  Quinn  Alan Richards

Alan Brodie Steve Hampson Steve Wingrove  Peter Dixon Laurie O’Toole* (may have to be loaned)

Strider Dixon brings the best out of Celtic ‘keeper Kieron  – <shoot>