Tameside Striders

Meet the Striders…


Striders have been reformulated through our mixed ability system of drawing players in  a lottery style situation.

Here’s a rundown of the new squad as drawn by David Partington earlier this month:

Alan Butler will  start in goal for the Striders as David Partington is away.

Alan is from the Preston area and we’re really lucky to have ‘found him’ he keeps goal in the Heywood Leagues and we’re grateful to him for turning out in Tameside. He recently attended one of our Denton sessions and was very impressive.

 Peter Smith . Partington’s pre-draw choice and a good one at that. Peter is a real force in midfield with lots of energy and an eye for goals and a good pass. Runs a business repairing accidental damage and can inflict damage on the opponents net on  a regular basis. A strong finisher, with power in his legs to blast  the ball goalward when the opportunity arises

  • – – – –
    Colin Fielding.A resolute defender who likes to get upfield when circumstances allow. Colin loves the competitive element of walking football and eve plays when he’s on holidays abroad. A family man from Stalybridge he is a committee member of Denton WFG.
    Rob Lake.  A former Customs official from the London area Rob now resides in Glossop. One of the DWFG stalwarts he also plays regularly at Curzon Ashton.  A Chelsea fan who likes to sort the Blues kit in internal sessions.  Highly rated by his colleagues as a defender of grit.
  • – – – – –
    Eric Lloyd.  Plays most of his walking football with Maccabi. Eric joined the Bees last season to good effect and scored an important goal or two. Now a Strider we look forward to his return to the F.P.L.
  • – – – –
    Steve Hampson. Another Maccabi man but also  a regular at Curzon’s internal sessions. A veteran of Heywood and Amblers friendly games Steve loves to play. A busy midfielder who can fashion chances in front of goal. Not the biggest fan of three touch play but embraces the challenge.
    David Partington.  Player / manager . Equally comfortable  between  the sticks or as a defensive midfielder and playmaker.  A man with lots of football in his background,  David attends almost every session at Denton and Ashton. Doesn’t often give the ball away. A real walking football exponent and a veteran of several Heywood campaigns he now shift his full competitive focus to the F.P.L.
  •  – – – –
    Dave Fielding.  Elected Walking Footballer  of the Year at Curzon recently and very popular with many  friends in the group.  Barnstorming up the right flank, usually at walking pace is a speciality of David’s ,  a Devonian who loves our local walking football scene. Scorer of good goals with a powerful shot. Available September and October.
  • – – – –
    Ivan Taylor.  Ivan is a ‘Ram’. A proud Derby County supporter who often wears the clubs replica shirts.  A fine defender and can also get forward. Not easy to dispossess when on the ball. A considerable presence on the pitch and a very useful walking footballer indeed. Available from December onward.
  • – – – –
    Keith Yardley.  Plays most of his walking football at the Nash and a nimble  forward who creates chances for himself and others.  Tricky feet that can produce occasional  mesmerising moments now and again . Has really embraced the game since he came on board at the Nash.
  • ______________________


As things stand we’ll have eight players at our disposal over four games.  David Partington, Steve Hampson, Alan Brodie, Rob Lake, Steve Wingrove, Jeremie, Peter Dixon and myself. At least a couple of players will probably appear in all four matches but a few others will start in three, fewer still will start two but all will get some healthy game time as we attempt to climb off the bottom.  Remember , none of this matters in the wider scheme of things so treat the morning – and the games themselves  – as a bit of fun with just a little added competitive spice!  We do not want to give away any more FP points and could actually do with gaining the four that are on offer across these games. – Alan Richards ~~~ – incidentally Terry Harrison has withdrawn from the squad with  a niggling groin injury that’s proving slow to heal.

March round

STRIDERS V. VINTAGE CELTIC –  video coming soon  – lessons to learn thanks  in advance to David Wenham for the camera work.

Alan Richards puts Striders in front v. Vintage Celtic in November..<clip>

Could easily have been disallowed to be honest  No.5 running – fast!

Tameside Striders squad FPL 3 games: David Partington Rob Lake Pete  Quinn  Alan Richards

Alan Brodie Steve Hampson Steve Wingrove  Peter Dixon Laurie O’Toole* (may have to be loaned)

Strider Dixon brings the best out of Celtic ‘keeper Kieron  – <shoot