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CONGRATULATIONS TO BOLTON ARENA ON WINNING THEIR SECOND SUCCESSIVE F.P.L. TITLE albeit it against the backdrop of a scenario none of us could have imagined a few short weeks ago…a few days ago !
There will be a review of the season coming up soon when we’ve digested the disappointment and looking forward to  a chink of light at the end of what looks like being a long tunnel. Everybody try to stay well in the meantime, if you do get sick with this accursed virus there’s every chance you’ll be up and about after a few short days.  We must all hope so.
As the French say ‘Bon Chance’….in Chinese…祝好运…or …
Tameside talk plain old “GOOD LUCK !”
Mark Bradshaw is set to make his F.P.L. debut in the Nash Bee’s net !
With options  seemingly limited after Woz Taylor withdrew, player /manager Gordon Nixon contacted ‘agent’ Alan Richards at his Denton home.  Up to his neck (in worrying about more earthly matters like  mud , paving slabs and skips) the league ‘organiser’ rang Mark to ask if he had the number of Stockport County Groundsman Mike , who stood in for Denis Cudahy last time out for Amblers.
Unhesitatingly Curzon first team Boss Mark offered his own services.  As an experienced walking football ‘keeper Mark dons the gloves twice a week so his addition to the Bees squad will be welcomed by all.  Thanks to Woz for letting his team know in good time.  It’s to be hoped our other ‘in house’ ‘keeper’s can all make it.  Denis Cudahy (Amblers) and Terry Hayden (Striders) the latter another F.P.L. debutant,  after David Partington decided to add his own contribution to the defensive midfield.
Time marches on We have passed the half way mark now and it’s already looking nailed on that Bolton Arena will take a second successive F.P.L. title.
The really interesting ‘race’ now is for second place plus the ‘Ken Richards Fair Play Cup’ which after all is the one that sums up the essence of our league the most.
– – –
Of course the Arena team may well scoop up a double as they currently lead the F.P. table too. Closely followed by Vintage Celtic and Burnley Clarets. The chasing pack will need to show exemplary traits if they are to have a chance of catching up, and no teams will be wanting to see points deducted, as there have been comparatively few of those recently.

A reminder, three teams runs means the loss of one FP point as do three cases of ‘contact’. Three individual runs (or contacts) will result in a blue card and the loss of three points. Let’s not contemplate red cards in a ‘Fair Play League.’ We have already seen one too many of those. (5 points deducted).
– – –
Bolton Arena kick off their day with ‘home’ game on Pitch 3 versus Tameside Striders. After a good start to their campaign Striders have fallen away a little. Goals, and scoring them is their main problem. There may be some team changes for the men in black and white but they will have their work cut out holding the leaders. Nash Amblers have the later start this time around and they will start their day at 11.00am. v. Stateside Arena on Garry Pearce’s pitch one.
Nearest challengers Clarets face Stateside Arena on pitch two in their first game.  The Statesiders have improved a lot over the months and will be hoping this stiff test can yield something positive for them.
Vintage Celtic, who had a decent month in January face the Nash ‘Bees’ on pitch one to kick off the proceedings.
– – –
Some Refereeing changes this month but they have yet to be confirmed.
The day culminates with the noon kick-offs. by which time Clarets will be done and dusted for the day…for the month. Hopefully soon afterwards in the C.A.F.C. snack bar and perhaps enjoying a chip muffin with the bread component sponsored by the generosity of Tameside Strider Keith Yardley this month, buttered by his player/manager David Partington.
Thank you both.
Keith Yardley – sponsor
Dave Partington
– – – – –
Come high noon there’s another ‘clash of the Nash’  on pitch 2, where we hope Alan Graham will be in control as Gordon Nixon’s  Bees go gunning for Amblers marshalled by John Smith and deputy Steve Foster. Vintage Celtic will be hoping to get one over on Tameside Striders and the Arena duo of Stateside and Bolton will meet once again on pitch three with the team in white looking to reverse November’s three-nil defeat.
– – – – -.
Play slow, play fair, play well #nomeanfeet…and no gunslingers ! 🙂
January 29th…The day went well.  We wish Brian well too. Thanks to Peter Quinn for stepping in to Referee four games instead of two, and for Alan Brodie for his assistant duties.
The Barm’s went down well and Keith Yardley has agreed to sponsor them next month – thanks to David Partington.  Chris Kershaw of Bolton Arena has asked to sponsor for  the March round of fixtures.
28th. January: Due to illness Brian Coll has been forced to withdraw from Refereeing duties tomorrow. He will be replaced by Alan Richards.
25th January and…the buttered  barms are  back !  Yes, muffins, rolls, breadcakes batches, stotties and baps call them what you will are back. Thanks to the generosity of Amblers player//manager John Smith and Striders stalwart David Partington who will  visit his favourite local baker and be laying  it on thick we will, after all have some free ‘quality’ bread to go with the chips n’ gravy from the Nash snack bar. 
big but not the best – inferior supermarket barms
Dave Partington
Please give some thought to sponsoring these yourself soon and let it be known if you want to facilitate spreading the love, and the Lurpak next month.
24th. January – Alan Graham has confirmed he is able to Referee on Pitch 2. Assisted by Tony Cravagan.  David Wilson who has been assisting on Pitch One is unavailable this month and his place will be taken by Darren Sullivan, who will assist Garry Pearce.
– – – – – –
14th.January 2020 : Changes to the Refereeing regime this month on pitch 3. Peter Quinn and Brian Coll will alternate with whistle and flag.  An officiating team. Peter will take charge of games one and three. Nash Amblers v. Vintage Celtic, and Nash Bees v. Stateside Arena .  Brian games two and four , Burnley Clarets v. Nash Bees, and Bolton Arena v. Tameside Striders.  Both have recently attended W.F.A. training courses and Brian is an accredited Manchester County  F.A. Referee. Peter is an experienced Referee within regular football.
< cymballism >  RESUMPTION – and CRASHING CYMBALS HERALD OUR RETURN…clashes & crashes as the Nash gets ready for our re-awakening !
…. The January 29th. fixtures are now online, see the relevant page from the menu.
is now affiliated to Manchester County Football Association
Mike Kieran’s ‘day at the office’
however, not all was well….
– – – – –
“Surprised to see some anger at opponents because of perceived contact and disputed decisions in two of our 4 games today. It’s not something I’ve seen previously even last season. Maybe it was the competitive spirit which brought it out today but agree it’s not something we want to see. Referees have a hard job and reasonably they aren’t going to change their mind so we may as well get on with it That was a little disappointing but otherwise I enjoyed the day”….
                                                                             FPL player –  via feedback box
“I do honestly believe that the FPL is a success and l see no reason why it shouldn’t continue for a long time, My only worry is that the competitiveness is increasing to a worrying level, so please remember what the FPL is all about.”  Gordon Nixon
    Chairman Denton Walking Football Group & Nash Bees player/manager
29.11.19 …The November session was played in predominantly dry weather.  See the reports page for full details and the revised league table please. The restricted dressing room situation was beyond the lead organisers control and is regretted.  I apologise to all who were inconvenienced.  Other activities at the ground were prioritised.
All players are asked to read our ‘Code of Conduct’ once again – or maybe for the first time? –  it can be found from the page menu above. Standards of behaviour of the majority were fine but a small number let themselves down this month. This is a 
fair play league so please play fairly , responsibly and as politely as possible.  Otherwise best stay away .
A further statement from the board with 3 touch referenced: Stateside needs re-adjustment…we’re on it !
Time is marching on and it will soon be time to reconvene for the October round.  Those intro/registration videos were filmed with  a really uninspiring background and as there will still be a few new players to do their own little ‘piece’ to camera the we’ll have  a new board to publicise the league and  serve as a backdrop at the same time. Torquay might surprise some but there’s a story there…anyone who wants to give the board a vote of confidence  (how’s that for a football turnaround -and have a photo in front of it  just ask Alan as he usually has a camera around his neck and will gladly oblige)…BUT…
All this effort and not a mention of THREE TOUCH !! – it’s coming
(I forgot-Ed.)
The opening fixtures got underway today and more or less ran to time. Thanks to everyone for co-operating. The numbered shirts looked great and all the teams were very smartly turned out. There are about fifty photographs on ‘Flickr’ – – – <here>
Video links take more time to set up and will materialise over the next few days so keep checking by these pages – bookmark the site and add it to your ‘favourites’ We captured a handful of goals (from memory ) and would have liked to have had more cameras around the pitches but a shortage of willing hands meant we couldn’t manage it. Enjoy the photo’s. Today’s opener was played in  a good spirit and the three touch element,  plus fair play penalty points and awards make our league different.  Some are saying ‘better’ but the organisers, who make no boasts nor claims of prominence will happily settle for ‘different’.
The report of proceedings is on the ‘monthly reports’ page (funnily enough).
________they ARE the  keepers balls !
  • – – – – –

With eight days or so  to go a reminder there’s more to success in this league than just winning walking football matches….

promo vid? – click the link
Striders, Bees and Amblers select their squads by lot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1JMtft3eyc&t=341s


WALKERS ON THE WINGS –  photoshoot day at Stalybridge Celtic:

Graphics from the Walking Football Referees Association: Please take a look and consider the messages….thanks to the W.F.R.A. 

WE ARE SEVEN ONCE MORE : Bolton Arena…Stateside (Bolton Arena)….Vintage Celtic…Burnley Clarets…Nash Amblers…Nash Bees…Tameside Striders – The Clarets  confirmed today, which is very good news .

Striders player/manager David Partington is unavailable for the September 25th. round.  Refereeing on Pitch 2 will be handled by Keith Burrows of Stalybridge. A replacement for Alan Graham who will collate our statistics in September and hopes to return to Refereeing duties next month.

Goal keepers as we know are allowed into the league at 45 years old and their age doesn’t count towards the average squad age (63 minimum) .


Burnley F.C. ‘in the community’ have signalled they won’t be entering this time but the players from last season are looking to go ‘independent’ . A ‘phone call from Fuerteventura confirmed this yesterday and a form has been posted Royal Mail. Closing date for its return is 23rd. August. Ball is in their court. We hope they can make it. If they do we are once again seven strong. This league currently  sees no need to grow and grow, and  we aren’t looking for expansion. Eight teams could have been manageable but no more. Let’s remember while we are at it – #nomeanfeet

Three teams from players at the Nash and Denton Walking Football Group will be drawn by lot on a mixed ability basis on Monday 12th. August in the Curzon snack bar.  Watch this space for a video link.

  • – – – – – – – –

Application forms for the 2019/20 season are now ready for distribution. If you would like one posting to you please ask by email at admin@curzonfairplayleaguewalking.football

copy in (Cc) mark@curzon-ashton.co.uk


OR you could try downloading here: Application FAIRPLAYLEAGUE

If it works please complete and email to the addresses above – thanks.


Some work has been going on to establish the viability of an eight team league. We have interest from other groups and clubs. I will be meeting the Burnley contingent next week when they visit Denton for a friendly match. It’s not yet known whether we will press ahead with enlargement. It’s likely that our own groups will field three teams instead of four. Obviously, if we use four pitches we need four Referees and four assistants. A unique league needs teams with unique names that are not competing in other leagues. So whatever other changes are announced September will see ‘Striders’, ‘Amblers’ and ‘Bees’. This makes the league table snappier and more concise and gives a clear indication that these teams are focussed on the Fair Play concept. Tameside Striders and the Nash Amblers will maintain their full names should they play elsewhere. A small change but an important one to think about please. We ask for your patience whilst further detail is worked out. We should have application forms ready by the end of this month

Watch this space please. Just remember the league is not for those with a ‘win at all cost’ mentality. Any signs of that will be purged by strong officials and a committee with a different sporting mindset.


The meeting on Monday decided the ‘fair play league’ should, in principle proceed to  a second season.

The dates. 25th. September – 23rd.October – 27th.November


29th.January – 26th.February – 25th.March -29th.April

News of other changes will follow but the entry fee will rise to £40 and we will have paid assistant Referees on each pitch.  Team shirts will need to be numbered, as is the case with other tournaments and leagues in the area.

A single case of dissent will incur a loss of one Fair Play point, and of course might mean your team is denied a Referee’s discretionary point.

We will decide on viability during late August when we see how many teams wish to take part. A maximum of seven once more. This gives idle teams or late starters a spare pitch to utilise in their ‘down time’.

Watch this space for news – thank you.


Just  a few more details from the final round of games.  Eighteen FP points were awarded, and a total of nine deducted.  The latter a record. Andy Clarke was on target twice for Bolton Arena in that  incredible final game on Pitch One.  I think it was October when Andy first appeared and it was clear he was the kind of player that could make a difference. Well done once again to all the Bolton Arena team.

There will be some video emerging, but not much.  We only had one camera rolling and it wasn’t always pointing where it should have been 🙂


Visit our friend ‘Flickr’ for eighteen images from our final day:


Well, we’re done and dusted. We have some video and pics to sort out but I’m otherwise engaged tonight.

Several people played a big part in making the FPL a success. None moreso than Pat in the Curzon snack bar, who served up the post match grub for us all…thank you Pat.

  • – – – –

23.4.19 **Breaking news**  Denis Cudahy will Referee the first game on pitch 2 Vintage Celtic versus Denton Wednesday.  Denis’s team Nash Bees have a late start. Gratitude to Denis for stepping up to the plate.  I’ve also approached Vintage Celtic with an offer for Brian Coll to Referee at least one game if he is willing and able so to do.  Both Brian and Denis are qualified and badged Manchester County F.A. Referees. Failing this I’ll Referee three – Alan Richards.


Some of you will know already that one of our Referees, Alan Graham has been admitted into hospital and will obviously be missing from our final round of fixtures. Alan Graham is uppermost in our thoughts but I have had to think about contingency plans for Wednesday.

Possible replacement Referee Keith Burrows is otherwise engaged. I looked at playing games in pairs, instead of trios but this leaves teams idle for too long. This would have involved Nash Amblers, Nash Bees, Denton Wednesday, and Tameside Striders playing games against each other on a different day, unless we played well into the afternoon.. Unsatisfactory. We could have shortened games to say ten minutes instead of twenty. Again unsatisfactory.


So the simplest solution is for myself to withdraw from Tameside Striders squad and Referee the games on pitch two in Alan Graham’s place. With one change – switching the 11.30 fixture Bolton Arena v. Nash Bees to Pitch One, and bringing Burnley W.F. v. Tameside Striders to pitch Two. This would mean that none of the fixtures on pitch two have a realistic bearing on the destination of the Championship or a likely involvement in the outcome of the ‘fair play’ trophy element. I am familiar with the requirements and standards of the league across the last six months.
I have limited experience as a Referee in ‘competitive’ walking football, especially the three touch format. However, I am badged and accredited by the Manchester County F.A. Let me make it clear I would rather play, or occupy myself in other ways than Refereeing. However, presented with this situation I cannot see any sensible alternative. If you can, then please add your thoughts below.
Fixtures on Pitch Two would be:

In closing I repeat our concern for our good friend Alan Graham and sincerely hope his recovery is smooth and swift and he is back with us all soon. Thank you – Alan Richards


A little more on the ‘Ken Richards’ Cup for our Fair Play points winners:
Last six league games….

It’s looking good folks!

TROPHIES from left to right:

  1. Second place (no RUNNERS up here):
  2.  CHAMPIONS –  overall winners
  3. The ‘Ken Richards’ Cup – fair play winners on points



9th. March ++ League leaders  the Nash Amblers were in action in the other, larger local league last Thursday.  The Over 60’s squad is different by nature to their FPL line up as from the outset the four teams from the Nash and D.W.F.G. were selected from pooled pots on a mixed ability basis. Anyway, the Amblers have been runners ‘walkers-up’ in the GMWFL (Heywood) three seasons out of four as Founder members and playing in Division One. last Autumn saw declining fortunes however.

You can read what kind of start they got off to this time on our ‘sister’ website tamestriders.   

Here’s a handy  link < link >

Meanwhile Tameside Striders Over 65’s and Over 70’s await the commencement of their own leagues and if you’re interested in their progress  please checkout the details on tamestriders – ta.


If you’re on Facebook please join our group  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1894061463965027/

The story so far…https://youtu.be/Jzwwh-0cwxc

As the league prepares to enter the final straight and an end is in sight we will soon be organising trophies for the winners.  There will also be a Cup for the team with the most Fair Play points.  This will be  returnable, and in the event of a tie we’ll have a decision to make.  It may be shared.

Just  a reminder that the combined match won points and fair play points are what count in deciding the outright winners of the league in terms of playing performance. If totals are  tied the teams with the most FP points will be ascendant.  If that doesn’t produce a clear winner we will look at goal difference, failing that it will be head to head results between the teams tied at the top.

The outright winners will also receive up to nine medals, but this won’t apply to the winners of the ‘Ken Richards Cup’ for fair play and sportsmanship. Alan Richards will be funding this trophy personally, in memory of his late father, who was a lifelong ‘good sport’ who’s football team  Hollyhey F.C. in the 1950’s only ever won the Sportsmanship Award  –  but won it almost every year !

These trophies will be presented about a three quarters of an hour after the final games in April have finished.  This will take place at the ground.  Thanks to Keith Fowler and his colleagues from Stalybridge for offering an alternative venue but we feel it  would not be practical for teams such as Bolton Arena  and Burnley WF  to decamp a few miles in the ‘wrong’ direction for them, for a presentation.  We will ask the Curzon club if the ‘Nash Bar’ can be made available for what should be an enjoyable hour or so of socialising and after seven months of this competition  there should be much to talk about. We’ll have more news of this soon.

If Stalybridge / Vintage Celtic wanted to come up with  a different event over the summer  ( July best perhaps ) – perhaps a festival or Cup competition  at Bower Fold or something similar  ,  then I’m sure we would do our utmost to support it.

See you soon…

  • – – – – – –

Our regular pitch 2 Referee Alan Graham is on the road to recovery and will be officiating in the GMWFL at Heywood this week.  All being well he will be back with us for the March 27th. penultimate round of fixtures.  I’d like to express grateful thanks to Keith Burrows for his work in the last round Feb 27th.

  • – – – – – – – –


  • – – – – – – –

Fair Play League taking flack from flak knows where checkout the comments,  add one yourself  ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw-2h0d4DUE

Weather looks set fair for next week – optimistically believing !

Wednesday didn’t want him, so Striders stepped up to the plate in their search for goals. Story on the Tameside Striders page from the menu above.

– – – – – – –

The FPL management committee were consulted today after an isolated off the ball incident last Wednesday was reported over the weekend.  The incident had been caught on camera and at the time the Referee had not seen it , and therefore no action was taken. The matter was brought to our attention  by  a player who was not involved in the game in question.
The committee consists of Alan Richards, and our three regular Referees Alan Graham, Garry Pearce and Mark Bradshaw
The team concerned was the Nash Amblers and their management team fully understand and support the actions of the committee in deducting the fair play point awarded by the match Referee.  The table has been amended. This is an end to the matter. Except to say photographic evidence will be utilised where needed. There were three cameras in action last week.
The conversation opened up around the attitudes of minority of players attending the Fair Play League. From the outset it was stressed that this is a ‘semi-competitive’ league and NOT for an ultra ‘win at all costs’ trophy hunting mentality who frankly, are not welcome.  Nor is it our intention to tolerate continual verbal asides,  be it what cricketers call ‘sledging’ and some people within regular football might refer to  as ‘banter’. There is a line that can be crossed verbally, I’m sure most of us realise this.  So, if you don’t recognise this within YOUR team fine, but if you do please try to put an end to it. Otherwise our Referee’s will. 
This is WALKING FOOTBALL – a later life bonus.
The allocation of fair play points should  be considered the exception rather the norm. These may prove vital in the final analysis. Keep on playing the game in the right spirit – winning is not everything.  Gathering the odd FP point as you go.  The F.P.L. will NOT become just another competition where winning assumes more importance than having an enjoyable and satisfying time on the pitch. Win, lose or draw.

  • – – –
    Alan Richards : on behalf of the F.P.L. management committee


Good to see NINETEEN discretionary fair play points awarded by our three regular  Referees last time.  The 21st. century tri-colour coded micro-dot system served us well with no smudges and provided  a definitive record of the FP point allocation.  Thanks to all the Ref’s for embracing modern technology 🙂

February 6th. 4-00pm: Update…

the weather was indeed kind today with no rain and even some sunshine early doors. Towards noon the cloud increased and the temperature dropped but no complaints for this re-arranged extra February session.

With twelve games played sixteen goals were scored.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and there were some surprise results. Denton Wednesday, bottom of the league this morning surprised the leaders Nash Bees and beat them one-nil.

By my reckoning our Referees awarded 19 discretionary ‘fair play’ points and more importantly NONE were deducted.  No cards of any colour were shown.  The Nash Bees and Burnley garnered four F.P. points on the day. Tameside Striders just one. Bolton Arena  were the winners results wise winning three of their four games and drawing the other one. They are now in positive fair play point territory with 101.

The table will be published tomorrow after  a triple check. A more extensive report will appear later today. Losing one reading glasses doesn’t help – I’m off to Specsavers tomorrow !

Thanks to all who took part today. Please feel free to email your goalscorers details , impressions of the day and any concerns to Alan at alartic@googlemail.com or admin@curzonfairplayleaguewalking.football

Major thanks to our Referees Mark, Garry and Alan and to Reality Osuoaha for the photographic assistance. There’s hundreds of photo’s and a couple of hours video to sort through over the coming week or two. Watch this space – watch this website – Alan Richards.  (report now up – seek and ye shall find) 🙂


What a difference a week makes !

Introducing NETCAM <shoot>

  • – – – – – –
    Check the fixture list please…

VIDEO:  “It was  deep in Denton ! ” <click>


So much for the ‘dry night’ Weather forecasters ‘pretend’ they know.

Very little snow if any, mostly sleet and rain in Ashton today. Here’s the forecast for tomorrow. With  a dry night forecast I’d say at this stage it’s highly likely the league programme can go ahead tomorrow. I’m awaiting word from Mark Bradshaw before final confirmation.  Watch this space. Also Facebook and Twitter.

Really hope it’s on tomorrow – otherwise what are we gonna do with these massive baps ? (one buttered and free with the first 20 order of chips in gravy)

mega baps
  • – – – –

DISCRETIONARY FAIR PLAY POINTS…Referees alone are uniquely  positioned to judge  the mood of a match, and the attitude of both sets of players.

Awards of a single Fair Play point remain discretionary but the following guidelines are offered.

We need to be more transparent  , and allow everyone to see where the bar is set.

Two cases of contact FROM THE SAME PLAYER could be sufficient to DENY his team a point. Not definitively though, if he was substituted or if his subsequent play suggested a major improvement.  Likewise if his team mates were exemplary walking footballers.

Two running offences FROM THE SAME PLAYER -even if he was substituted at the time of the second offence would also be sufficient to DENY his team  a point. Again, if the player was substituted or spent the rest of the game clearly walking an award might still be an option for the Referee.

This puts the onus on individuals to restrain themselves to walk,  and to play fair.

IT WOULD REQUIRE EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES FOR FAIR PLAY POINT AWARDS AFTER THE ABOVE INSTANCES but we cannot rule it our entirely. The Referee will make his own mind up.

As far as other scenarios go we cannot cover everything but the Referee’s experience will help judge what is acceptably accidental , or shamelessly intentional ! Belligerent ill feeling and complaining to the Referee should not be rewarded. Likewise disputing decisions in a none civil, heated way. Questioning  the Referee in  a polite, civil way would be appreciated.  Foul language is a red line, if not automatically a red card but F.P. points are almost certainly forfeited anyway when the air turns blue. Referees will vary in their outlook but don’t force them to make the decision. Please keep it clean.

Remember currently three team runs or three team contact offences results in the DEDUCTION of a fair play point ( different individuals ). Three runs/contacts from the same player results in  a blue card (minus 3 FP points). This has only happened once in seven hundred and twenty minutes of walking football  so far, so lets try to keep it a rare occurrence.

Matters of time wasting by constant back passes to the goalkeeper are now catered for in an addition to the competition rules.  A warning may or may not be given. The point at which to give a warning is a matter for the individual Referee. Teams involved in  a series of blatant timewasting back passes should be, and will be DENIED a discretionary fair play point, indeed they may even  have additional points deducted.

This is a ‘fair play’ league.

We wish all players a very happy new year and look forward to resuming on the 30th. January – promo trailer coming soon.

Thank You.


All the best to our seven teams and their players, The league has not been dormant but applying thought to making small improvements. We will soon clarify the fair play point award from Referees.  Steps are also being taken to ensure each touchline has a man with a flag throughout the days programme. We are aware the academy students have been somewhat distracted at times, often through no fault of their own.

Also , if you’ve already  taken part in the video i.d. parade you don’t need to do it again. I’ve compiled a film of all the clips – which took  a while – and  I almost feel I know you ALL personally by now !

In the meantime enjoy your festive season and we will see you at the end of January. Fixtures will be announced very early in the new year – Alan.

In the meantime here’s a link to a little promo video we’ve put together.  <click>



Apropos events detailed  below , the following competition rules will be added to ours for the remainder of the season.



Following consultation between Management Committee members Alan Richards, Alan Graham and Mark Bradshaw the end of the November  game Tameside Striders v. Vintage Celtic has been reviewed.  We had the benefit of video. It’s felt that the excessive number of back passes in  a short time  (five in twenty nine seconds) was excessive and amounted to time wasting by the Tameside team. It’s felt that these tactics were out of step with the essence of our fair play league. Therefore the fair play point awarded to Tameside Striders has been deducted and the league table is amended accordingly.

Lessons will be learned I’m sure.  Not least for the FPL organisers,  and a specific competition rule on back passes will be inserted into our rules before the next round of matches, it will of course be announced here first.

Thanks to match Referee and committee member  Garry Pearce for his understanding in this matter.


Take a bow, Joe Bemrose !

“Just read your reports of yesterday’s matches.

I’d like to bring to your attention an example of excellent sportsmanship and refereeing In our match against one of your teams whose Captain is the guy with
the long hair, I went to tackle him as he approached goal , he ran
across me and fell over.  There was no contact but a foul was given. I
told the Referee ‘ no contact’.  He asked your Captain who confirmed no
contact so the Ref reversed his decision.  Well done both , in the spirit
of your league”

Derek Drabble of  Vintage Celtic

The League Management Committee –  the Three Referees and myself  (Ed.)will be discussing the implementation of a new specific rule to cover multiple back passes to goalkeepers in  a short space of time.

We will also discuss the closing minutes of Wednesday’s game Tameside Striders v. Vintage Celtic and matter that arise out of that match.


MAJOR BREAKING NEWS FROM THE NASH…I’m sure all of us involved with the Curzon F.P.L. would want to wish Mark Bradshaw, Referee on pitch 3 and Nash walking football’s  mentor and friend the best of luck in his new role at the club. 

<Brandon’s shots> 

Action shots from Brandon Booth – Curzon Academy – thank you young man.

*FLAIR* PLAY LEAGUE shin pad bank – remember they’re compulsory uunder F.A. rules for walking fooball. BUT  if you forget yours you can rent a pair – £10 deposit but you get NINE back when you return them at the end of play.

We can’t think of everything but we think of most things– no mean feet!

WE’RE CHANGING CHECK IN PROCEDURE for NOVEMBER  AND ASKING TEAMS to assemble in groups on arrival.  individuals  will be briefly filmed whilst announcing their names, age and date of birth.  This is the easiest way to get this done quickly. Managers will still need to fill in the registration form and get these signed by their players please.

Some players  might  be asked to show photo i.d. but this will only be in  a minority of cases.  To be honest if you are asked for i.d. please take it as a compliment.  Heaven  knows,  I would ! 🙂

Remember squad size is limited to nine. The average age must not fall below 62. Goalkeepers may be 45 or older and if they’re younger than 62 their age will not count in the aggregate for the average. £35 entry cap for each team please pay Mark Bradshaw on the day and make sure  you hand your registration forms to Mark also – thank you.

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We’ll be looking for people to interview at the November round and will post the results over the long winter break to hopefully keep people engaged with the league.

Striders Player/co-manager has treated his camera to  a better microphone to hopefully filter out wind noise which  can howl across Ashton Moss. So if you see Alan wandering around looking for someone to talk to say hello , and hopefully much more besides 🙂

We’re especially keen to get the views of players on three touch walking football and the way their campaign is shaping up.


New dug outs going in x 2.

David Wenham has stood down from the Bees squad and will now be of invaluable assistance collecting and collating the information from our Referees at the end of each set of games. David is a regular at both of our Denton Walking Football Group sessions and clearly has the bottle for such  a vital job.

A Marple man, he’s a retired teacher of engineering so well versed in precision.

David will be updating a special new book pre-marked with fixtures and he’ll also have the White board so all can see exactly what’s happening out there.We have also laid on extra dug outs at the side of the Curzon pitches in case the weather turns inclement this month.  Let’s hope for another dry day as so far we have been blessed. 

Tony Cravagan

In other news from the League Denton Wednesday look to have acquired two new players. Rod Seddon and Tony Cravagan (pictured left) have agreed to join the Wednesday squad in an effort to drive them up this league. This means Laurie O’Toole can revert to his rightful role with Tameside Striders.Management team Stafford and Wilson were thought to be ‘over the moon’ with their acquisitions.

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Next month we’ll hope to improve  our reception procedure and will film players arrival in team blocks. Individuals will be asked to  self identify to  a snap shot on the video and present their photo i.d. if requested. . Thanks in advance for co-operating. If teams can assemble themselves and be ready for this process by 10-00am. it will be much appreciated and help us get off to a prompt start.

HERE ARE THE FIXTURES FOR NOVEMBER. It’s a late start for the Nash Amblers and an early finish for Burnley F.C. Comm W.F.


  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – –
    10-30 pitch one NASH BEES V VINTAGE CELTIC
    Team resting: Nash Amblers
    – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – —
    11-00 pitch three VINTAGE CELTIC V BURNLEY COMM WF.
    Team resting: Bolton Arena
    – – —- — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    11-30 pitch one BURNLEY COMM WF. V BOLTON ARENA
    Team resting: Nash Bees
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    12.00 pitch two NASH BEES V NASH AMBLERS
    Team resting: Burnley Comm. WF.
  • – – – – –
    3 teams play 4 games in November Tameside Striders /Vintage Celtic/Denton Wednesday.
  • This will vary from month to month. January sees Burnley Comm WF / Bolton Arena / Nash Bees playing four games.

If you spot any anomalies in the above fixtures please contact alartic@googlemail.com or


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Why we insist upon shin pads and will have random checks from next month in the Fair Play League’ No long term injury here but must have been painful. An innocent incident. Let’s minimise risk as far as possible please. <OUCH!>

We will be publishing video and still shots as we countdown towards November 28th.For starters we’ll have a disallowed penalty and a clear example of why shin pads are essential under our rules.

Good talking points to keep us interested, keep us engaged between fixtures.

Celtic’s Greaves watched closely by Strider Quinn

Some of the games on pitch 3 received extensive attention from  a much steadier tripod mounted camera this time and will be of interest especially to those teams taking part.

The coverage extended to this league is, so far as we know unrivalled within walking football – if you know of a more comprehensive website point us to it and we can learn lessons. The Editor’s ethos is that our game as older adults  is very different to the game we all grew up playing and learning to love but the style of reporting and the application of 21st. century technology can enhance both forms of the game and he takes lessons from sixty plus years of reading football coverage.

Many competitions do not upload video because there is too much running. We can never eliminate the speed merchants but at best we can discourage and at worse penalise by deducting points. This website wears its heart on its sleeve and happily posts footage warts and all. As will be seen we ain’t perfect. Our referees are experienced and will get steadily stricter as the competition progress into winter and beyond to next Spring.

Burnley ‘keeper – on his debut in the position

Contact is a worse problem and it’s been pleasing so far that it’s been kept to  a minimum. Of course we can never entirely eliminate risk but we can do our best to limit and manage it. An element of trust is required between all who turn up to play and I think the vast majority in the FPL turn up for the love of playing the game,  and winning a cup or two is secondary to their values. This is the spirit in which the league was founded. Winning is great, but it’s not everything.

So , watch this space over the coming weeks as late November moves on.  We need more interviews and welcome articles or submissions to fill up your individual clubs web page here. Give us you perspective and opinion. Hopefully constructive . The right to edit or decline publication may be applied. Email them to alan@curzonfairplayleaguewalking.football

Bolton’s Mort with Wednesday’s Foster

As for winter beckoning when November draws to  a close we hear here will be extra shelters around the pitches  by the 28th. in the form of ‘dugouts’ – we’ve been lucky with the weather so far though so let’s hope it continues….see you then, if not before.